Sunday, November 23, 2008

A family day

It seemed for a while we were doing all kinds of fun family stuff. We still do but just not exciting enough to blog about. Yesterday was different. We took a trip to the Sacramento. We got to see the Sacramento Temple to see Reflections of Christ

We took advantage of the fall colors and took some family photos too.
Then we took some pictures of the kids and tried for a good family picture.
This was done with a timer and I realized at the last minute I had hair in my face and decided to flick it out of the least that's my excuse!

After we took drove a little further to Apple Hill. The kids each got to choose something extra. Miranda and Hannah chose a pony ride.
Miranda was right at home and enjoyed every minute. Hannah left a little to be desired with a forced smile at the beginning but by the end she was having a good time.
Lauren enjoyed watching the girls go round and round and would sneak a lick of the grime on the surrounding fence, ugh! Logan chose a Carmel Apple, smart man! Although we could have just got him some soft caramel and a spoon.Haylie didn't really seem partial to much so we got her a popsicle which she enjoyed. Jer got an Apple Cider Milkshake and I got a Caramel Apple Milkshake. Sounds a little gross but YUMMMMMMY!
It was a fun and relaxing family day. It was nice to be on our own schedule with not much we had to worry about for time. As always the kids traveled well. I think Hannah slept every time we turned on the car. She came home and had a pretty high fever so that explains the lack of appetite.


smith scratch said...

What an eventful day, looks like you all had fun, forced smiles and all!

Christina said...

Looks like fun. I'm glad you got to see the Reflections of Christ exhibit.

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