Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Busy Day

We had a fun yet busy day yesterday, I will just share the extra exciting stuff. Miranda had a play date with a friend. They did sugar cookies. Her friend's mom took some pictures and sent them to me. This is how I train my daughter to behave at the homes of others. See how sweet and neat she is surrounded by flour...

I am so proud. Then I opened up this photo:

Miranda started it but both girls got equally floured! They had a blast and the mom still said she can come over anytime.

While Miranda was playing Paula Deen, the new Betty Crocker in my book, we went to a park and were met by a friend:

OK it really wasn't that big but it was at least three inches long! It must have decided that the little munchkins were having fun on the playground and Mr. T wanted to join in the fun. UGH! Brittany i wish you were there...but be proud I didn't scream and pack up the kids. Instead I embraced technology and took a picture with my cell phone. That means I had to get pretty close.

With that Lauren would like to add a special service message. "We were unharmed, and continued to play...just not in the bushes. It was lots of fun! Check you all lata!"

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Christina said...

Cute! Love the sunglasses and the floury face.

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