Thursday, September 14, 2006

Room Mom sorta..

Life is exciting, I signed up to be assistant room mom for Miranda's Kindergarten class. Which really means ...well...I am not quite sure. Whatever it is it will be fun. I talked to the other room mom, and she was trying to figure out who I was. So she found out who my daughter was and then asked her son which girl is Miranda. He said the one who wears her hair on the side of her head like teddy bear ears. Isn't that sweat. That better be all for the nice comments!!! After all it is only kindergarten.

I also signed up to help with Motor Skills on Wednesdays. So I will get to work with Miranda's class for about an hour playing games and such. Jeremy will work late on those days and stay with the rest of the crew. He is so flexible for ME. We are lucky that he works where he does. I can't say it enough, we are truly blessed.

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