Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Emotions Schmotions!

AAKKKK! The prego hormones are at an all time high! I feel sorry for my dear sweet almost innocent husband, since he helped get me into this. I feel like a huge tug of war inside, I want to cry, scream, laugh, sleep...all at the same time. I feel sorry for those around me. Usually it is only Jeremy that worries what I might divulge in a moment of weakness, but now I am a little worried also. I can usually control my little annoyances until I am in the safety of my bedroom with only Jeremy to listen to them. I think right now I might just tell you "you annoy me." That is not a good thing, especially since I am going away for three days with some of my closest of friends. If you are reading this: I am not annoyed with you...but I could be in the next minute or two, so be on the look out, evil, emotional, pregnant woman could be right behind you!

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