Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Prayer of a Child

So the other evening we were saying our family prayer. A little back ground...we are all sick except for Daddy. So Logan was chosen to say the prayer. Amongst the other typical things like "we're thankful that we go to church tomorrow (everyday) and we're thankful we have a safe drive to Disneyland tomorrow..." He decided to pray that we would all feel better. His prayer went something like this "...Please bless my cough to go away, please bless Miranda's cough to go away, and twinies, and Mommy, and ummm...and nobody else..." It may not come across as funny but the only person he left out was Daddy. True enough he was not sick so as Logan was going through the list of family members he got to Dad and realized he didn't need to feel better so he just covered it up with "...and nobody else" It was truely cute. You have to love the way these little children see the world.

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