Friday, December 08, 2006


We were at a baptism for Brian S. (yeah for him!). The bishop happened to sit next to Jeremy, they always have "secrets" to tell, haha. Well Logan was sitting on Daddy's lap and figured the Bisop was a good friend, as he should be. Logan has also learned at a very young age that Bishop keeps candy in his office. So Logan grabs his head, mid-baptism (not the actual baptism but during a talk) tilts it so he could comfortably (for Logan not Bishop) whisper in his ear. He says "WE have candy in yours office?" The kind Bishop agreed but only after the baptism was over. The following Sunday we were having a difficult time getting the kids to stay with us as we moved our herd towards the door. Logan peeked in the clerks office to see if Bishop was in there, unfortunately there was only one of his counselors. Logan, the fearless leader that he is, asks for them to open the door for candy, meanwhile...Haylie is at the door waitng for it to open and Hannah is throwing herself on the floor because she wants to be held not put down. Miranda is waiting patiently for us. As soon as the door opened, Logan was at the candy jar, Hannah immediatly with the turn of the key stopped crying stood up and walked towards the jar. Haylie was curious at the sudden calmness, and slowly turned to observe this amazing feat, she quickly realized the jar was in smelling distance and ran to the jar. I can't quite remember how Miranda fit into it all but she emerged from the office with a piece of candy too. It may seem our kids eat a lot of candy but the really don't, it is probably one piece at home and one piece from Bishop each week.

The moral of this story, if you can't beat 'em let them smell candy they will be begging you to let them behave!

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