Friday, October 20, 2006

Sleep anyone???

This is NOT me!

Ok I know I am an old pergnant mother to four children, do I deserve a night life? The answer is no you crazy woman! My mom was staying with me for a few night and our only time to talk was at night, so I stayed up later than my average 10:00pm bedtime. (If I don't get 8 hours I am not terribly wonderful to be around!) Starting Sunday night Haylie woke up and would only sleep ontop of me so from 3:00am on it was a little rough. Monday night I went to bed a little late. Tuesday again late, but Weds. I took my mom to the airport and woke her up at 3:30am I did get back home at 5:30am so I got about 2.5 hours of sleep. This is where my huge down fall was...mind you I didn't even get to take a nap. Wednesday night I went to a ModBod Party...super cute...and what was I thinking, clearly I wasn't! We stayed and chated until 4:00am! I am not kidding. Hubby asked what we talked about, honestly it was 4 in the morning do you expect me to remember. I think we were all pretty incoherant at that point. And our gracious host let us park it and talk. It was fun but highly not recommended when you cannot sleep in the next morning.

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