Friday, December 08, 2006

A Mama's Right

OK the whole piont of a blog is to be able to complain and share stories about your life and family. Well that is all good but the biggest reason is to have a whole page to brag about your children. So as a mother it is my right to brag about Miranda.

We had our very first teachers conference for her. I knew she was doing well and loved school, but I also knew she is very social and nosey. As a child (OK I still am) I was nosey too. It took me through first grade to focus on my work and get it done. I had a fear she awquired that fault from me. Surprisingly enough, the teacher said the first two weeks or so of school she did have a problem, but it is expected with the newness of school, friends, teacher, etc. She said then she switched and is very down to business and gets her stuff done. She said she is a "joy to teach" amongst her other amazing accomplishments I would like to brag about this one. She commented on Miranda's singing, she said Miranda is always the loudest and most enthusiastic singer (which surprisngly isn't different at home). She went onto say that she gives all the kids S (Satisfactory) in the art areas, as long as they do it, they are expressing themselves, so she doesn't feel it is fair to grade them on the quality. She put an S down for Miranda and just couldn't leave it that way, she changed it to a E (Excellent). She said it was the only one in the class. She is my shining star. She is doing well academically, socially, physically and artistically. She has a few areas to improve on like all children, but I am a very proud Mama!

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