Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lots of good stuff

Well it started on Friday...we have lawn wa-hoo. Of course there is still work to be done but we will have grass for the kids to play on.

Saturday, I successfully pulled off a surprise party for Jeremy. He is turning 30 and it may be overlooked because of the baby coming. It was lots of fun, lucky for me I have a great sister and great friends who picked up the slack as I was running out of steam as we waited and waited and waited for Jeremy to show up. As soon as I get around to it I will post some pictures of the backyard and the party. Wait until you see the cake, all your boys will be jealous!

Last but most importantly, I had another doctor's appointment today. Jeremy thinks I am getting a little aggressive. I asked to be checked to see if there is any hope of this baby ever coming out. Sure enough I am dilated 1.5 cm (8.5 to go), 50% effaced and at a -2 station (the goal is a +5. The last thing I worried about was maybe the baby would flip but he was able to feel the babies head. So we are progressing towards seeing our baby. The last aggressive move I made was to ask for an induction date. I told the doctor I knew it would be at least a week after my due date but it would be nice to have a final end point. So I have a scheduled induction on May 17th. This baby will not bump my anniversary to third position which is more good news. Just to clarify, Jeremy's birthday our anniversary is a little later in May on the same day.

So this is my wonderful post of a very happy, uncomfortable and whiny pregnant woman.

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