Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ahhh, dentistry...

Miranda and I went to the dentist today. Jeremy likes to call him Dr. draws blood, we haven't told Miranda that she still thinks going to the dentist is exciting. She gets a very cool toothbrush that suction cups to the counter! I went in and got the teeth cleaning I pain, no ... clean teeth??? I kind of hoped the excitement of teeth cleaning would start labor pains, obviously a trip to the dentist doesn't encourage labor! I forgot to remind Jeremy of the appointment so he was only able to stay for my cleaning, then I sat with the three younger kids while Miranda got her teeth cleaned. Anyways then Miranda went in and we found out she has her first cavity. The dentist asked if I wanted to fill it today, I thought sure why not. So he gets right to work. The kids are getting restless and then I hear Miranda crying. I felt so bad that she was back there all by herself. I couldn't leave the kids because they were wreaking enough havoc with me I paced back and forth feeling horrible. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I took the three kids and strapped them into their seat belts and peeked in on Miranda. She was laughing. She cried at the shot but she did so well. I was the one with tears in my eyes and she was so brave. She even still likes the dentist. Imagine that.

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