Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The time is at hand

Well not really, but tomorrow is my due date and unless something miraculous happens today I will see another due date come and go. Since I know I have yet to go into labor on my own this is expected, so I am not totally disappointed. I do have a doctor's appointment today, so I will give an update to see if anything changed from last week.

As I was sitting thinking about my children I wanted to say what is special about each one of them. So here is a great opportunity to share with you why I love my little darlings so much.

Miranda is our first born. I was telling Jeremy that I am glad that she is the oldest. She is not perfect but she is a great example and really wants to make the right choices. She has an infectious laugh. When she does something we should be proud of she will give us a big grin looking for praise. She is very articulate in what she says and blows me away with her vocabulary. Most of all I love looking into her big hazel eyes they are beautiful, and full of young spunk.

Logan our only boy...so far. I give him a bad time but he has a special place in my heart. Although he is still young he know how to use those gorgeous blue puppy dog eyes. He can turn on the charm like the best of them. He loves to be cuddled and loved. He is probably the most sensitive to my moods and feelings, even though I am not sure he has made that connection, when I am off he is off. Which is to be interpreted as having a bad day. He has so much energy. I will never forget after being cooped up for the rainy season, we went to the park and he just ran laps by himself at the park.

Haylie the oldest twin, is a little serious. She has a bad habit of biting everyone but mostly Hannah. I would call her Daddy's girl. Every night she goes to Daddy to put her to bed. Also in the morning she usually wants me to get her out of the crib she will be the first to go lay down with her dad. She loves to carry around her baby doll with a blanket, always with a blanket. She also will use the toilet every once in a while.

Hannah our baby by five minutes, is a little more independent. She laughs alot. Although she used to scowl when she wasn't pleased with you. Hannah is probably more of a Mommy's girl which is nice since she is usually a pound lighter then her other half. She loves to be held especially after her nap. She has a great smile and is very friendly.

It is hard to talk about the girls as separate and not compare, both are equally beautiful and loving. As with all four of my children I am so proud to be the their mom. each of them brings something special to our family. I love them all so very much.

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