Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Doctor's Report

Well life is always full of surprises. I am not dilated anymore than I was a week ago. That is kind of the good news. When he went to check, he couldn't feel the baby's head. So he got out the ultrasound machine and discovered this baby is laying sideways again! This is also good news since the baby isn't settled into the pelvic area. I go in tomorrow morning and fill out "a lot" of paperwork for a possible c-section. They will try and flip the baby, but I am far along so it may not be too easy. What is in my favor is the baby appearantly has a lot of room still, thanks to Haylie and Hannah, so it is still possible the version will be successful. I just have to wait to hear when they can fit me in. So my pregnancy discomfort may come to a close in an undesirable way by the end of the week. Hopefully all this excitement means this child will be a piece of cake to raise. In all honesty I think this baby is thinking "I gave you 9 months to plan and you still don't have a name for me, I'll teach you to procrastinate!"

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