Monday, May 14, 2007

Ups and downs to Mother's Day

Yesterday was great day. I woke up to Jeremy bathing the kids, followed by new flip-flops. I then received Lonestars greatest Hits CD, then he cooked breakfast while I took a long relaxing shower. When I sat down to breakfast I got another very cute pair of flip flops. We went to church and I got a rose. Then one of the primary classes made flower bouquets for all the ladies in primary. Afterwards I got two cute little purses filled with coupons and chocolate coins that Logan and Miranda made at last weeks primary activity. Then things started going down hill. I came home feeling nauseous and slept fittfully with contractions froma bout 12:30-3:30. Jeremy in the meantime changed diapers fed the kids and got them down for their naps. Which we all enjoyed. We then went to Jeremy's grandparents house where we got to visit with lots of family. I still continued to feel really bad. For some it would be a sign of impending labor. Not for me, I just didn't feel food. By the time we left at 7:00pm I was near tears not out of pain just because I felt horrible, nauseous, headache...We got home at 7:30 and I went pretty much straight to bed while Jeremy again took care of the kids and put them to bed. I felt a little better but slept until this morning waking up every hour or so and using the restroom almost as frequently. Come to find out at 4:00am Logan had an accident, and Jeremy took care of everything. He got back into bed and he had been waking up every 45 minutes. He had a major headache, was fighting a fever and was all around achey. We were quite the miserable pair.

Today he is feeling better, not perfect but he is a trooper and at work. One of these days he will be able to not be so stressed. This week he has a lot to do. He is going to take his final this week. Then with the baby coming may affect when he can take his exam.

Anyways, it was a great day after all is said and done, my family is the greatest. I love each of them very much. They make me look like a good mother and wife!

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