Thursday, May 10, 2007

The week of the doctors

Haylie and Hannah had their two year check up yesterday. I know people love to hear about their growth and stuff. So here are their latest stats. Haylie weighed in at 24 3/4 pounds and is 33" tall. While Hannah weighs a little less at 23 pounds she is a little taller at 33 1/4". Another interesting fact is that Hannah's head circumference is 19" while Haylie's is 18 1/2". They are still at the small end of the charts but the doctor says they are growing at a consistent pace. After Logan and Miranda who would have thought we would have such petite little girls.

Also at the check up it was discovered that Hannah has an ear infection in both ears. She is on Amoxicilan for the next little bit. It is still hard to believe they are little girls not just baby twins.

I do have to give Jeremy a big job well done. He helped at Miranda's school yesterday morning as he does every Wednesday, fulfilling my commitment. Immediately following he took me to the doctors. We came home for a little bit then him and Logan went to get Miranda. Jeremy being the good father that he is brought Miranda her scooter and Logan rode his bike. He came home and continued to do laundry and straighten things up. Then it was time to take the girls to their doctors appointment, which involved getting shots and going to the pharmacy. On the way home he stopped at the grocery store. When he got home he cooked french toast for dinner. He then proceeded to do dishes and bathe the kids. You may wonder what I did all day...nothing! I laid on the couch except for the doctor's appointment of course. So he took the day of to give me a day off and probably worked harder than he would have if he had been at work. I love this man so much, he is the greatest!

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