Saturday, May 26, 2007

New life, old life.

Last week was a great celebration of life. Jeremy turned the big 3-0. Lauren was born, and we had our anniversary. It was lots of fun to celebrate and think of all the good times (minus the labor of course!) So here is a little downer. I was sitting on our couch that faces the back sliding door. Logan, Haylie and Hannah were standing close to the door and Jeremy was around the corner in the kitchen. All of the sudden I see this black thing and hear a thunk. Jeremy noticed right away that a bird flew into our window. I was certain that the bird knocked itself out. Jeremy said in a charade type manner that the bird had broken it's neck and was dead. Logan also believed this bird to be dead. After a couple hours I submitted that the bird was dead. Luckily Miranda was at school. I knew she would be really bothered by this dead bird so Jeremy closed the blinds and went in the backyard. We kept the kids away while he disposed of the bird. When we came home from picking Miranda up from school Logan went to show Miranda the bird and miraculously it was gone. We told Logan the bird must have flown away, it just needed a little rest since it bonked it's head. He looked at Jeremy with a face that said "OK Dad but that was a dead bird." He definitely didn't believe that the bird flew away. He is such a smart kid.

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