Friday, May 18, 2007

Here's a story...

OK, here is how it went down! I went in to be induced on Thursday at 6:30am. They got me all hooked up and decided to check and see if I was progressing from two days before. The only thing progressing was our little one kept moving. The baby was mostly upside down but the head was off to the left of the exit sign! So they were going to wait to do anything. Two hours later our little one was head down in the right spot. So at 9:30 they started the pitocin. The baby still moved off center again and then back. It was quite the drama. Whoever heard of a baby being so active. Jeremy said for sure it's a boy. He won't stop and ask for directions. Contractions started getting consistent without much pain. I said my contractions were getting painful...I did lie a little bit. I know the ones that really hurt happen after the bag of waters is ruptured. At 1:20pm they broke my water. The doctor said "how's that epidural?" I told her I didn't have one and she was shocked. I was at 4cm and went immediately to 5cm wahoo. About 45 minutes later I was feeling pressure, they checked and I was at a 6 boo-hoo. Things were starting to hurt. I told the nurse I think I want an epidural. She said give it a half hour. About 25 minutes later I was feeling the need to push, I was at a nine, within 10 minutes I was pushing. After about 13 minutes of pushing, I gave birth. Here are a few conversations that happened during the hour and a half of pain.

April "I don't want to do this again, I know you think it is because I am in pain but I am serious!"
Jeremy "I'll tell you what if it is a girl you can name her whatever you want!"
note: We hadn't agreed on a girls name yet

April (through a contraction whispering to Jeremy) "Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii!" Once we are done having children Jeremy and I are taking a first class trip to Hawaii!

As I am pushing the head was out but I was in too much pain.
April "I'm done, I can't do this any more. It hurts too much"
Jeremy to himself "OK, you can stop, that's I'll help you off the table!"
All 5 staff members in the room "You can do it momma, you are almost there. You are doing great!"

OK so here is the important stuff. Jeremy was shocked to find out our little peanut was not a boy. It is a girl! She was born at 2:33pm on Thursday, May 17th, 8 years after Jeremy proposed to me. Here is what shocked me, my little peanut weighed 10lbs 5 oz. She was 22 inches long and her head was a whopping 14 3/4" around. If I can brag for a moment I did this with absolutely no pain medication, I don't tear, rip or need an episiotomy. I was very blessed.

So the name I chose was Lauren Grace. We have liked the name Lauren and it has been on our girl list for some time. We usually give all of our children a middle name after someone in our family. This one was a little different. When Grace came to mind it reminded me when we decided to have another baby. We both prayed about it, this was during a time when Jeremy's job was in question and we weren't sure if it was good timing. We received confirmation that it was time and we went for it. We know that because of the grace of our loving Heavenly Father we have been truly blessed. So this baby was given to us by grace. I don't want to forget the faith we showed, and knowing how much our Father in Heaven knows us, loves us, and wants us to depend on him. She is our little "big" blessing.

And as you have been patiently reading here our a few pictures as a reward!

Tamra and James watched Lauren's siblings and brought them to the hospital to meet her for the first time. Hannah wasn't so sure about everything, but she eventually made her way over to take a peek. Since we've been home all four kiddos have been very thrilled with our newest little girl. Grandma Bev and Teri Rossi were our other visitors.


April P. said...

April, Lauren is adorable! I can't believe she was 10 lbs too. That must have big some big pushes to get her head outin 13 minutes. I would love to see the little one soon. Take care of yourself.

Jenny said...

Hi April
Congrats on your new baby!
Just wanted to invite you to our blog. We hope to see you at Jared's wedding in June.

Katie said...

I love her name! She is such a beautiful baby. I was waaaay wrong in the baby pool in the Religion forum at TS!

Rebecca said...

April, how wonderful! I'm so happy she is finally here. She is beautiful! I love her name.

Brittany Doll said...

April - Congratulations!! I'm glad it is a girl. Now Alexandra, Sophie and Lauren can pal around and wreak havoc to all their primary teachers. She is beautiful and I think she looks a lot like you.

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