Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Alright, here is the latest. I called my sister a little teary eyed at the thought of having a c-section. She is a LVN for a local hospital. She went and talked to a doctor that she works with who had lots of positive things to say, includig babies can flip until the last 10 minutes before delivery. He also pointed out that since I did have twins there is probably a little more room than normal. Anyways he suggested heating the outside tip of my pinky toe. It makes the baby active and it should make the baby go bottom up! Then my sister called back and said he wold do it if I came in, so I packed up the kids and decided it couldn't hurt. He actually did accupuncture by sticking needles in my two little pinky toes. I can't exactly tell you where since I couldn't see my toes. So I sat with needles in my toes for 15 minutes and I lost hope, I didn't feel any big movements from this child. When he came back in he felt around and said the baby was head down. So the way things are going I may see him everyday until I get induced. I hope my doctor says, we better induce while the baby is head down and it comes before the 17th. I can't complain though the 17th is a special day for me, but getting this baby out without a major incision is what I want the most.

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