Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Parenthood...another experience.

On Monday I noticed that Logan's eye was leaking. It was not pink so I didn't think anything of it. Then yesterday when Logan woke up from his nap he seemed a little tired and clingy. When we sat down to dinner he said his ear hurt. Kind of strange, I took his temperature and it was normal. We went to Costco and I asked him later which ear hurt and he pointed to the same one. So I made an appointment for this morning. When he woke up his eye was pink but he said his ear didn't hurt anymore. At least it wouldn't be wasted because he needed medicine for his eye. Turns out that pink eye and an ear infection go together. Who knew? Also an ear infection doesn't necessarily mean fever. My goodness you would think I have never been a mom before. So then we head over to the pharmacy for at least 45 minutes. It is very hard after waiting for about 20 minutes to see the doctor and then more time at the pharmacy, Logan and the twins were getting quite restless, and mean mommy was about to emerge! Luckily they called us up just in time, only to be re-routed because Logan is allergic to penicillin and the ear medicine is in the same family. So we had to be consulted before we even payed for it. Off to the consultation line. I told the pharmacist what the doctor had told me and then had to wait to pay for the medication. We get up there and she has to get the medicine released because I was already "consulted". While paying the lady swiped my card and handed it back at least three times. Finally it went through and we were on our way. Then the trick of getting a double stroller out of a packed pharmacy was a challenge. A challenge that we did survive. We then had to rush back to get Miranda from school, we arrived just in time to pull right through! Phew! Hopefully I will have no more major adventures until Jeremy returns.

And for those of you hanging on the end of your seat for the next installment of our landscaping dilemma...keep waiting. Now we have some sort of poison spread over the dirt, the pretty dirt. So the kids can't even go in the backyard (it's been a week). And still no sign of the new sod. Although I do have to say he has come and picked up all the dead sod from the last attempt! Supposedly the rain got the sod people backed up so it should be here any day! And it goes on and on and on...

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