Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Where we store things

You can only image that things are a little tight in out home.  While we don't feel cramped we often wonder how things are going to change over the years.  I can tell Jackson already has some concerns about what his next bed is going to look like! I think he feels this is sturdy enough to hold him.
So here is the real story:  The sound of silence, yes it is a sound that causes weaker moms to tremble, alerted me to no good.  I walked down the hall and heard Lauren's pitter-pattering little feet heading away from me.  As I rounded the corner I say the above scene.  Upon closer inspection I realized that Lauren probably helped Jackson into the drawer where they both proceeded to clean off the top of Logan's dresser that happened to be covered in little (6 years and up only) Legos!

He actually was enjoying himself, pink cheeks from the sun, and all.  And just because he is probably the cutest little 16 month old ever I wanted to show you how much of a big boy he is growing up to be!  I love this kid!

On a side note:  Today I went to the park to meet some friends.  Jackson has been so good about the play structures I wasn't too worried and wasn't paying close attention.  Jackson decided to walk down a twirly slide and went right over the edge, it was a pretty good distance.  Luckily he landed on his side and the turf was extra spongy.  He ended up getting right back up and try for another trip down the slide.  I paid more attention.  I only share this as a gentle reminder to keep an eye on your little ones, I feel so very lucky that Heavenly Father protected him and reminded me that I need to stay focused!  With so much going on with the warmer weather, and heading into summer it is so easy to get distracted, but it is so important to keep an eye on these precious children.


Taylors said...

he is seriously a mini Jeremy. Its amazing how much 'hurt' little kids can handle sometimes.

The State of Our Family said...

I can't believe that's the same little baby I held at your house YESTERDAY! (Okay, really it was last August, but it feels like it was yesterday!)

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