Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lauren's To Do List

  1. Spill flour on kitchen (done yesterday)
  2. Eat Mommy's Mother's Day Chocolates (yesterday also)
  3. Pour Salt and Pepper all over the floor, then hide the shakers in a drawer.
  4. Play in Mommy's bathroom which consists of:
    1. lick Daddy's deodorant
    2. spray air freshener
    3. spray Mommy's hair spray
    4. smear lotion on the mirror
    5. unravel toilet paper
    6. dump Mommy's brand new eye makeup remover all over the toilet seat, then shove cotton pads in the bottle to fill the empty space.
  5. Open the candy bin get what I want, and set Jackson up for the blame.  Then run and discard evidence by throwing it under an end table.
  6. Open Haylie's art box and use the markers.
    1. Then proceed to write on the walls with them.
    2. When I hear Mom come hand open markers to Jackson then run down the hall
  7. Empty out the DVD binders, Mommy loves putting 50 DVD's back in their rightful homes!
  8. Use panties as a diaper...only for #2s
  9. Climb on counter to take pictures with the camera, she still hasn't figured it out that the evidence remains inside the camera.
  10. Search the net "44444asdrea44s444f4e4444f4a444asdf4a4we4d44" is her favorite.  The letters change but it often contains a billion fours.  This earns me no SWAGBUCKS.  I will have to train her to type in real words, use it to my advantage.
  11. Sneak off bed but stay undercover...undercover of my blanket! (Repeat 11 times)
I think this is pretty much her to do list and amazingly enough I think she completed it all by 2:00 this after noon.  She is amazing with her focus and ability to get so much accomplished in a relatively short time.  I really wish I had that talent.

You may ask what I was doing while all this was going on, I was cleaning up our room, it has become the trow all catch all for quite the collection of stuff.  I wonder what will be on her to do list for tomorrow and if she will get just as much accomplished.

On a positive note, she woke up dry! Woo-hoo!  Yeah for not having to wash sheets!

P.S. Lauren if you ever read this, thank you for all the time and energy you put into your accomplishments.  Persistence pays off!  And more importantly I love you!


Mama J said...

That is hilarious! I love that she frames little Jackson (or at least tries to!). Sneaky little girl...

The State of Our Family said...

THAT is one busy girl...and we thought OUR to do lists were tough! ;)

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