Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 years and counting.

Ten years ago on a day unlike today, it was an unusual 105 degrees, I married a wonderful man.  We were both a tad thinner, inexperienced and had great plans.  Marriage has been the greatest adventure.  That is not because these two
produced this many children

I have learned so much about what a marriage is supposed to be like.  Quite frequently I tell Jeremy how lucky I am that he chose me, and that I feel so fortunate to have such a great marriage.

Jeremy and I met when we were 11.  He was pretty much the tallest boy in 6th grade.  What made him particularly famous was that he was scheduled to kiss his girlfriend at a certain time.  Turns out everyone in 6th grade knew, but he didn't.  That was a 6th grade scandal!  He has signed everyone of my year books starting in 7th grade.  Junior high typically started with:  "April, May, June."  Little did I know back then he was already comparing me to two women who were amazing and meant alot to him! June is his grandma's name and his mom's middle name.  OK that information is true but I made up the comparison stuff.

We were pretty close through high school and we even dated at the end of our Junior year for like two hours?!  I have a letter asking about our last day of school plans to go to Great America.  Scattered through out the note were words in parenthesis asking if we were going out.  Yep, that is pretty much the beginning of that short dating experience.  Summer happened, I was a punk and that was the end of us.  When school started we had two classes together.  The first day of our math class I walked in, remember things may have been a little awkward between us, as always I was cutting it close to being late and he was of course early.  I saw him and he was the most familiar person I knew, sure enough there was a seat right in front of him.  He was thinking "please don't sit there, anywhere else but there."  With a smile on my face and a cheery "hi" I sat down.  We got through the weirdness but never really got passed the friends stage...except for the kiss at Homecoming!

Then, life just moved forward, we went to DVC and randomly had a 7:00am Statistics class together. Then he left on his mission.  When I say he chose me, I am not kidding he called my house a few times until my parents finally gave him my number.  Since he phoned me that time we have been pretty inseparable.

Not much for an anniversary post but know I wouldn't change a thing.  It is awesome to have so many memories to share.  He knows the good and bad of me and loves me just the same.  I love him more this day then I did 10 years ago.

Oh, P.S. happy birthday Jer,I hope it is a great one!

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