Saturday, May 22, 2010


Lauren is taking over my blog.  I think this stage always has the best stories.  I know there was a Logan period like the Hammer and Nails story or Haylie and Hannah with the rocks.  Jackson will soon be next I am sure!
This morning Lauren got a bath.  She had a BM in the tub then got herself out.  I had to bring her back unwillingly to shower her up.  After the tub was cleaned and she showered and dressed I went to do her hair.  She didn't want anything to do with getting ready for the day.  I told her I would do her hair real quick.  She was still not happy and the alligator tears were flowing fast and free.  As I was brushing her hair the following conversation occured.

Lauren "Bwah, ha haha, Bwah haha" (How do you spell the crying sound?)
Mommy "Lauren, do you want a pretty braid?"
Lauren "NO!"
Mommy "Lauren, do you want a pink ponytail?"
Lauren "NO!"
Mommy "Lauren "Do you want a purple ponytail?"
Lauren "NO!"
Because I knew she would say no to everything I said "Lauren do you want a kick in the head?" NOTE: I was not angry or frustrated and asked jokingly!!!
Lauren "NO!"
Mommy: "Lauren do you want a milk cup?"
Lauren "NO!" (This surprised me because she always wants milk.
Getting a new line of thinking, Mommy: "Lauren, do you want chocolate?"
Instantly she stops crying and looks at me with a smile "YES!" she says.

This girl has a heart like many women out there, will do anything for chocolate.

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The State of Our Family said...

Life is all about the chocolate! :)

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