Friday, April 30, 2010

...They're Ba-aack

There are a lot of people who said kind things to me via Facebook about how I am not a complete idiot for doing this.  People are so kind and try their best to remind you that everyone does dumb things sometimes.  In that post I shamelessly suggested that maybe our stick figure family would be replaced for Mother's day.  That same day Jeremy came home from work with an envelope in his hand with a brand new stick figure family.  A good family friend, who happens to be a co-worker of Jeremy's surprised us. 

Today I took advantage of the good weather and the clean window (The car has not been washed for over a year!) and applied our family.  Haylie and Hannah were seriously concerned about loosing our car and not knowing how we will find it.  I explained that with the remote we just make the lights flash on the car it is that easy!  They were not pacified with that at all!  Now they are satisfied!

As a secondary story, on Wednesday I was rushing out so I could be mostly NOT late for working in the class room, and both Haylie and Hannah were turned around watching the garage door open.  When it was fully opened they  let me know that I could pull out.  When we successfully pulled out of the garage Haylie said "good job mom, you learned patience!"  How is that for a lesson!

Thank you Cindy you are the best!

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The State of Our Family said...

Oh, that is just the cutest story! It is something they will remember always. 30 years from now they'll all be gathered round your table at Thanksgiving and someone will say, "Remember when Mom backed out of the garage before the door was open?" and everyone (including YOU) will laugh. You'll tell your grandkids about how the twins wanted the stickers and it will be a fun family memory.

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