Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cindy, this is for you!

Have you ever heard of Cake Wrecks, well my good friend Cindy would never be featured on that web site.  She is a phenomenal cake decorator. For Jeremy's 30th birthday she made this cake.
I won't tell you that I told her it was a costume party, only her and her husband dressed up.  No one else took me seriously.  I have a picture of the two of us, but wan't sure she would appreciate my posting it, it is still a sensitive subject for her. ; )

Eight is a special age in our home so Cindy again offered to make Miranda her cake.  Jeremy took her to San Francisco to see Wicked so that was her theme.

For my birthday she made this fabulous Twilight themed birthday cake.
This year she so generously offered to make Jeremy a cake.  I can tell you from many years of experience, not only are her cakes awesome looking but they are moist and delicious.  To tell you the truth I am not a fan of cake, but I even will eat her cakes until they are gone!  It is no secret he loves Star Wars so this is what she came up with.
The cakes last for sometime.  Transition...(that's smooth huh?)  Jackson has a new trick.  He likes to climb on the dining room table.  Our other children went through this so I hope it is a short lived treat.  Or Jeremy may hope it lasts forever then the table will always be cleared!  Can you see the direction this is going?  We had about half a cake left over and didn't have a great place to store it, so the biggest space is obviously the table...when will I ever learn?

I was at the computer, actually taking care of a few things and I look over and see my little toe headed child on the dining room table where I am working on a project that needs to be completed by TONIGHT and I freak out.  Sure enough he has my almost done project spread across the table with cardstock in one hand and a pen in the other.  Don't worry he was very happy with himself.  Then I noticed brown crumbs ALL over.  This picture does not do the this creative endeaver justice.  Trust me it was messier than it looks, it is mostly behind the box! (Just in case you can't tell, there is a big divot in the cake.  He found the weekness in our very solid cake dome.

Now back to Cindy's master cake baking skills here is Jackson's opinion.
FYI: I was not smiling back at that adorable face.
P.S. Cindy does this for fun in her spare time after working full time, being a parent to two tenagers and a toddler as well as worry about a grown daughter, not to mention baseball, church and lots of other stuff.  She is simply amazing.

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