Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Today Logan came home with our latest addition to the window sill.  In class this week they have been learning about plants and how they grow.  Last week Logan got the Sweet Potato vine homework assignment.  Unfortunately our sweet potato is not flourishing.  I am beginning to doubt it will ever grow.  In the mean time it continues to sit on my window sill.  Next, on Wednesday the kids got a baby food jar and a damp paper towel.  After stuffing the paper towel into the baby food jar, they put in two snap pea seeds.  They put the jars on their desk to watch them grow.  Then on Thursday the kids got to go to a local farm where they learned more about plants.  As a souvenir they each got a tomato plant. 

I have no green thumb, I am not sure there is any yellow there either (doesn't yellow and blue make green?).  It is kind of fun to watch them grow and take care of them.  It is like adding three little babies to our family...except they don't dump flour on the floor, or salt and pepper, or rip up books, or...Lauren has been a little trying this week.  I think she is warming up for the torturous threes!  I thought you got the terrible twos OR torturous threes, not both.  I guess I digress...Here is a picture of Logan's miniature garden. 

Oh and there are some lemon seeds that I might try to plant. Wouldn't it be great to have fresh lemons for lemonade? (I do realize it would probably be about 5 years before it produced anything.)

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