Friday, May 28, 2010

Old Treasures...

Jeremy's Grandma passed away in April, the kids still pray for her.  We all miss her but know she is in such a great state now!  With the passing of a loved one comes the part of cleaning out everything.  While it is the responsibility of her children, us grandchildren have been able to look around and request things that we are interested in.  I have only known her for the last 11 years and after seeing so much more of her stuff I realize how little I knew her, but more importantly how much we had in common.  She had tons of fabric from clothes and other various projects, some unfinished, some not even started.  I have a similar stack.  She was into crocheting, knitting, re-uhpolstering, and other similar crafts.  She kept everything!  I have come across a piece of fabric that has Jeremy's cousin's name on it (Becky if you read this I still have it if you want it I will mail to  you.)  She used to make pajamas and robes for all 14 of her grandchildren.  The patterns are still there.

She was into candy making, canning, and even dabbled in cake decorating.   The last surprised me at first then I thought about and it seemed obvious of course she could even decorate cakes.  A woman of so many talents.  This past week I went over with Bev and looked through the kitched to see if there was anything of interest. There were a few things, then looking throught the garage we came across a box that was labeled "one of a kind."  Knowing Grandma I kind of chuckled and looked at Bev and said "Should we see what Grandma thought was one of a kind?"  She smiled and we took a peek.  There were some very pretty coffee mugs and some pyrex dishes.  Amongst the "One of a kind" stuff was a box of these:
When Bev was cleaning out her kitchen, I acquired a set of these in the fabulous green of the 70's.  I LOVE them.  My mom even bought me a piece at a garage sale.  I love that they are glass so I never worry about the container being stained by whatever contents I place inside, such as any thing tomato based.  We use them like tupperware mostly, I didn't know much about the pieces.  My other favorite part is that they are flat on top so you can stack themin the fridge.  I have two sets of the new Corningware and I love them but the lid is rounded and has a handle which means you can not stack them.  So when I came across this I was screaming with glee.  A whole set and I found out is oven safe! 
I love that the price tag is still on it.  When she bought these the set was on sale for $5.48 marked down from $10.95.  There are many things that still have price tags on them such as a 1970 edition of Anne of Windy Poplars.  She bought the hardback for $2.22 at ToyRUs, the inside cover said the SRP was $2.95.  It amazes me how we see things as cheap such as a hard back book for $15.00, when it wasn't that long ago you could get it for under $3.00.  I can totally understand how people of that generation seem to be more frugal.  It is probably more related to spending $15 on something that used to only be $3 seems ridiculous.

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Angie Miller said...

Ha! My mom had a set of these "one of a kind" dishes too. I wonder if they were kind of a trendy wedding gift back in the day.

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