Monday, November 02, 2009


It is birthday week, so that means the surprises never cease! We celebrated with family tonight, Jeremy cooked, since he had to work all day he actually stopped and got mexican food on the way home, and it was GREAT! As always I was spoiled and got everything on my list, mostly books and cake decorating stuff. I also got to go spend a little birthday money today. At dinner Jeremy and his mom were whispering about "has she seen it yet?" Jeremy said dessert was taken care of. I assumed that they had gotten a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, which I do love. I would never have imagined what was for dessert.

In case you are a little confused I am minorly obsessed with the Twilight series. There is the apple from the cover of Twilight, the white flower with red from New Moon, the red ribbon from Eclipse and the chess pieces from Breaking Dawn. Jeremy's co-worker made this cake for me. Can you believe she works at a credit union by day and is like super-hero cake lady by night? She does this for fun!

Truly all my gifts were my favorite but this takes the cake as making it one of the most memorable birthday moments. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by people who think I am worth it, from Jeremy making the celebration of me special, to phone calls, cards and $$$ to spend from those who can't celebrate here with me, to some one willing to watch 6 kids on top of her own so I can go on a date with Jer, being treated to ice cream and girl gab. The gifts and stuff is nice but I am extremely and abundantly grateful for all the fabulous people who surround me. Thank you, each and everyone of you who made this birthday special! And thank you Cindy for making this, I am truly speechless.


Taylors said...

wow, that cake is amazing!! I'm glad you had such a great b-day! You deserve it!!

American Diva in England said...

I am so jealous of your twilight cake! that is AMAZING!!! you are one lucky girl!

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness! What a beautiful cake. The artistry is magnificent. I say kudos to Jeremy for knowing how lucky he is to have you and for truly putting so much thought into his gift for you. All you husbands out there, take heed, Mr. Jeremy is setting the bar really high!! Congratulations April!! You have a great one!!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday! That cake is AMAZING!

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