Thursday, May 07, 2009

What do you get when 7 people get this:

Silly String! My mom sent us a surprise Valentine's Day package full of silly string. It took some time, but when my mom came out for Miranda's Baptism we finally had our fight. She was there to witness it, so kind of a double bonus.
It started out well, the kids enjoyed holding the cans that had been sitting on our counter for a month and a half. We all got into postion, and then...


Ranel said...

Good job putting that together! I hope the remenants of the string are gone now? I will never forget. Silly string fights are not for little ones! LOL Mom

Alice said...

That is hilarious. We had a silly string fight Christmas morning my 1st Christmas at Jared's house.

Laura said...

Oh, that is funny! What a fun time!

By the way, how do you get your videos to work through blogger? I can't ever get a simply one to work, let alone a fancy one like yours!

Michelle said...

what a cute video--I'm like Laura: how did you get it to work? I need some pointers!

fun for the family (well, I guess the older ones)

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