Thursday, May 28, 2009

Soccer Training...

Last month Logan was sharing how the boys at school made fun of him because he coldn't kick well. So the next weekend we went and bought a kids size soccer ball and headed to the park. Jeremy tried to teach them how to kick the ball. Turns out Logan does pretty good and he was probably being a little sensitive. We had a really good time at the park messing around. I love these two pictures, Like Father:
Like son!

Lauren made playing and taking turns a little difficult. She would run up and grab the ball and run away giggling. She thinks she is so cute. Turns out sometimes kids are right! This picture of Miranda is classic. It is an expression that usually includes a "Hmph"
I can't really put into words what the expression means, something like "I'm not getting my way so I will pretend I have attitude."


Michelle said...

we have bring lots of extra balls--or else we have a ball-napper too.

cute family. good luck with soccer!!

Rebecca & Jeff said...

How Fun! I love that last picture of Miranda! HAHA! I used to do the same thing. lol. At least it is still a fake attitude. :)

The State of Our Family said...

I can't believe how BIG they are all getting! I am so bummed we'll miss you when we are in CA at the end of the month! BUMMER!! Summer 2011 we are SOOO getting these kids together!

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