Monday, May 11, 2009


I have a sweet friend who is having twins, any day now. She is the cutest pregnant lady! Watching her tummy grow reminds me so much of my days with a freakishly large torso.
The day I got to meet them was amazing. My cup runneth over. I felt amazingly blessed!

It has been so fun to watch them grow. People always ask if I can tell them apart. I will tell you the honest truth, 50% I can since I dress them, 30% yes if I am right in their face, the other 20% when they are dressed exactly alike and not right next to each other the answer is, I need to get real close as Hannah has a freckle above her left eye. Hannah is the thinner of the two (by a pound) But Haylie has a thinner face. Can you tell which is which?

They are the best of friends and they are great playmates! They typically enjoy each other but are equally happy to be apart. They have very different personalities and are very much individuals. Such cute little trouble makers!


Corrie said...

Reminds me of stories my mother in law tells me of James & John~Be glad they aren't boys! Start praying for the men these two cuties marry!! Seriously, somedays I felt like I was married to BOTH of them-thankgoodness Jim moved away!!

Corrie said...

You should here the stories my mother-in-law tells about James & John! Be glad you didn't have identical boys!! They are cuties (actually all your kids are!!)

Liz said...

What a sweet post!! I can't wait until I meet my little ones.

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