Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Grape Post

Jeremy is the comic relief in our family. On a regular basis he says "Welcome to the Jacobs' Family Home Evening" and all the kids chuckle. He says it in a normal voice, no funny face. Now it is is habit but before it was a weird thing. The other night we were finishing up dinner with some tasty grapes. Jeremy proceeded to share a story about his childhood (really it hasn't ended, and I love that!). He said when ever he ate grapes he would pretend they were planets and he was eating them whole kind of like Galactus (I reserve the right to change the name of the comic book character I am new to this arena of comic book characters). So he then gave them examples. In a deep voice he would say something like "I am going to eat you little grape planet." The kids would still crack up even after the 20th time he did it. The next day we were again eating grapes and I thought I would join the fun and eat a grape planet. It seemed like an easy sale. I thought they would crack up at the fact that I was being a little goofy with them. Nope, in our house of eight you could hear crickets, they looked at me like I was immature and crazy, not the tiniest bit funny. Jeremy thought that alone was priceless. A few minutes later he sits down, I believe he cleared his vocal chords and encouraged me to try again. So I wiped the tears of failure from my cheek and gave it another shot. Holding the grape up between my pointer finger and thumb of my left hand and stroking the grape with the pointer finger of my right I said:

Hi little grape planet, what a lovely day. I will put you out of your misery

Then I stuck that grape in my mouth and chomped down so you could hear the little pop of destruction. Wouldn't you know that they all cracked up. I am truly amazing. To bad it was canned laughter, that's right Jeremy encouraged courtesy laughter to make me feel better. What a kind soul!

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