Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lauren is disgusting...

Of all the adjectives I have used to describe her this one has never been used. The other day we were at the dinner table. As always we were trying to get her to eat her vegetables. She will not even eat one green bean for any amount of tasty dessert. She must get that from some distant relative. You could probably get me and Jer to eat about anything for dessert. It is sad though when a little one thinks feet taste better than vegetables.

Gotta love this girl she is priceless.


Michelle said...

lauren is tooo cute!!! I had a few that loved their toes/feet :)

I got one of my kids to eat their veggies by "tricking" them into thinking they were really "sweet".--sugar ann peas, sweet corn, sugar beets, etc.

good luck with those veggies ;)

Hayley said...

I LOVE it. She is so darling. (Don't tell the other kids but I think that she is my favorite)They are all perfect but she just cracks me up all the time. At least she is still really flexible. I could use some pointers for Yoga.

MJ said...


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