Monday, May 11, 2009

Four fast months!

On Friday Jackson turned four months old. I wish he could stay like this for a long time. He really is a sweet baby. Last night for Mother's day He gave me the gift of a full 8 hours of sleep! He was doing great then not so great, now we are on the great track again!

So back to my tiniest little darling. I put him on his stoch this morning and got a cute picture or two.
Believe it or not Lauren loves her little brother. She loves to give him kissies.
Then I decide to film a little interaction. I put the camera down and guess what? Jackson rolled from his tummy to his back and I missed it. So I tried again and this is what I got:

I love this little guy and not just because he's the cutest little baby I ever did see but he has brought with him a darling personality. He is pretty easy going. He loves his food, well milk he gets the love of eating from his parents!. I think he has my nose, but the rest is from his daddy. He's a keeper even if he won't stop growing too fast. I think the biggest reason I want him to slow down is so that I can enjoy him since he is the last little baby I will have.

1 comment:

Malana said...

April I think your baby is the cutest little guy and you're right he does have your nose.

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