Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day for me

I had a great mother's day, in fact I would say perfect except (are you thinking I am ungrateful?) Four of the 6 kids had high fevers. Yuck but they are still great sickness and all! I woke up this morning to Jeremy running to the bathroom because Logan was tossing his cookies, luckily in the proper location. Then I fell back asleep and woke up to Jackson who slept from the time I put him down until 6:45 this morning. Woot! When I was finally up for good Jeremy handed me my own personal copy of BBC's Little Dorrit.

It is a great story with all of the best elements, romance, comedy, drama, mystery, and even a tad spooky at parts. Then he got me some Reese's Select Chocolates
Then a couple of T-shirts, that I think are fabulous! Another surprise that I got was from Miranda. I went to pick her up from school on Thursday and she had a plant in her hand. Every year for mother's day they have a plant sale at her school to raise money for the special needs classroom. The plants are $1.00. So I was surprised that Jeremy had given her the money for a plant, she corrected me and said she used her own money. I was floored! It shouldn't surprise me but it did. It made the little plant all that much more special. She must have been pleased with my reaction because the next day she bought her grandma a plant as well. She also bought me a beaded lizard key chain. She even got an all purple one with pink highlights. My two favorite colors.
I was very surprised. Then Jeremy, pulled from the oven some store bought pre-made cinnamon rolls, he even let the oven beep like he actually made them! Following the sweet rolls, he made me an egg, fried potatoes and vienna sausages. It was perfect. When I got home from church, since he stayed home with the sickies, he had dinner almost completely cooked. I tend to do most of the cooking, but told him what I wanted and he made it!

In case you want recipes here they are Classic Baked Ziti, Cheesy Garlic Bread and Caesar salad. It was divine! And about 1 bazillion diet starts tomorrow...where was I. Oh yeah divine! I was very impressed and felt very loved by my lovies. I worked the crowd and told them they couldn't eat until they told me why they loved me (who doesn't love a little ego stroking?!) The common answer was you feed me. Logan got specific and said that it is because I drop him off as school, not really sure if he means to give him a break from me, but I will take it as that I am always there for him! Jeremy said among other things because I make him laugh. See future post about grapes! I was milking it but loved that my family went along with it. I love them all and am grateful that they put up with my mood swings and most common problem of the growth on my nose aka nose stuck in a book. I'll cook for you when ever you ask, unless I don't want to! Thank you family for giving me such a special day, I was queen!

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