Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our busiest time of the year...

Well December is really the busiest but this is the second busiest. We start the month off with Mother's Day, then we have uncle Chris's birthday, then Lauren's birthday, followed closely by Jeremy's birthday. Then if we have time our anniversay. Just kidding we always make time. This year we celebrate our 9th anniversay. We are still newlyweds in some respects but the old married couple in others.
Nine years ago this is what we looked like, I am still about 14 inches shorter than him. That might be the only thing that we still have in common with those two in the photo above. When we first met I was 10, he was 11 and we were in the 6th grade. He was pretty cool and I was a no body, at least that is how I saw it. We were friends and as the years progressed we got to know each other and he signed all my year books beginning "April, May, June" very creative I know. Then our Junior year of high school we had a little innocent fling that was official (via note passing) in this picture.
We were young, I was mean, but we maintained a friendship. He was extremely busy playing the field. ; ) When we both had lived a little and matured he called me out of the blue. At least it was for me, turns out he had been trying to call for two months. We started dating for real in December of 98. In April we took a fabulous trip to Disneyland (where else of course!) and to San Diego, and a short trip over the border. It was then that I knew it was not just a fling, and he was serious. It was the first time that we seriously talked marriage.
Our family has grown mostly one by one. But 6 children, 5 homes, at least 10 trips to Disneyland, 7 cars, a bazillion gallons of ice cream and 9 years later we are still in love. Crazy, huh?
We have been blessed with lots of tired nights and extremely happy moments. (This was the last photo we have as a couple. I am not liking my picture taken too much.)
I am so grateful for our marriage, our friendship and the life we have built together. It is not always easy but nothing you value should be, or you will take it for granted. Jeremy and our children are the best part of me. I would be lost without them. I am grateful for the times in high school when I was awkwardly goofy but that we still maintained a friendship that will last forever.
Jeremy, I love you and I love our life together. You have given me more than I had ever thought I could have. We are far from rich financially, but our needs are met with comfort. Most importantly we are overloaded with laughter and love in our home. You continue to make me want to be a better person, for that I am grateful as well, even if I fight it kicking and screaming! So thank you for giving me a fabulous nine years and I look forward to many years to come.

Happy Anniversary!


smith scratch said...

Hey girl, happy Anniversary!
Is it May 19th? Ours is too, we celebrated 8 married years yesterday! You sure have us beat in the kiddo department. But I must say, you both look the same way you did on your first date, super cute.

The State of Our Family said...

I totally remember that day! You guys are still super cute! Nine years and six kids...not too shabby! :)

Hunter said...

We have a really cool family, and I'm very grateful you guys are my Aunt and Uncle, and that you let me come over and play at your house. It always makes me sad when we drive by and can't stop. I have lots of fun memories with your family and hope for many more. See you all soon. Hunter

Gie Bergmill said...

Super cute! Sorry we missed you last week when we were in town. (Both of my kids were sick, and it got a lot worse when we got home, so I bet you're glad we didn't stop by!)

Danielle said...

I read your blogs and cry most of the time (when I am not cracking up)progico. I love my family so much, you guys will never really know. What a beautiful life you have made together!

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