Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lauren is Two

Just two short years ago we were home from the hospital with this "big"girl. She was built like a linebacker and all I could think of was that her future nickname would be Big Bertha. She had more hair than a mop, but she still took my breath away. Baby acne and all she was absolutely beautiful. She was a sweet and fairly content baby.
Now she is still beautiful and takes my breath away, now it is by force while I count to 10, count my blessings and find the humor in her personality.
She knows what she wants and I hope that never changes. Her confidence does not compare with her siblings. She loves to give kisses and will give hugs to say sorry. Those who know us really well appreciate her as well. By no means do I think we have perfect kids and I know no body would trade theirs for ours, but our kids behave well in public, then Lauren came. While she does behave pretty well she is by far louder than the other kids. She is at the point when shopping that she sees clothes racks and takes off giggling the whole way. She loves to get into no-no's and then have you chase her. This little twerp is fast. Who would have thought that would be the case for such a late walker?
Her newest story has to do with cookies.
Lauren was a pretty good eater but hasn't eaten vegetables in I don't know how long. She was too young to reason with so we just let her eat what she wanted. Now it is time for hard core training. We give her dinner and if she doesn't eat her vegetables she does not get dessert. We also are now cutting back on the milk. Yesterday after dinner I was of course at the computer, and the kids come and inform (not tattle that would be annoying) me that Lauren has a cookie. So I follow them to find her hiding by the end of the bed eating her cookie in a corner. From the door you can not see her but as I kept walking she was busted. Here's a little video.

I love her so much and am so grateful to have added her to our family especially at a time when one more child seemed like a financial burden. It was a time when our future was up in the air and we weren't sure another baby would be the right choice. We prayed about it and knew it was time for her to join us. We have been so blessed I can not even begin to name them. This little one's middle name is Grace for that reason. When we do all we can it is the grace of our loving Heavenly Father that fills in where we lack. He sure has.
Happy 2nd Birthday to our fifth child, the one who will not let us loose her in the mix and makes herself known and demands independence. Lauren, I love you!


Michelle said...

what a cutie! I love how she actually gave you the cookie (w/o a fit!).

I like the photo with her black eye ;)

They are worth all the veggie trials, and grow up so quickly!

Danielle said...

I think Lauren is absolutely stunning! My favorite pic is the one of her drinking out of the kids cup with the bright straw!

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