Saturday, September 06, 2008

Time-Out Mom!

Well it was more s self requested Time-Out. I realize I just got back from BYU Education Week which I was away from my family for 8 days. BUT...every once in a while Time-Out for Women comes to Sacramento. So my friend Teri and I went together and met some more friends there. It wasn't too far but with gas rices we decided to stay the night. So I left yesterday afternoon and got back today. It was another fabulous time. The theme was Joyful Life: defined as great delight or happiness caused by a life that is exceptionally good or satisfying.

I came home early due to guilt of being away for two weekends and pretty much having every weekend packed with activities and then Jeremy gone for an overnight business trip. (I realize I am home to spend time with the family and am on the computer, but in my defense they are watching a movie and I am in the same room as them!)

So last night Jim Ferrel spoke. He spoke on the Down is up and up is down principle in the scriptures as long as down is before the Lord. Meaning down is humility and up is pride. How Satan tells you you need to feel up. It was a good talk, he said quite a few things that I needed to be aware of. Kenneth Cope was the host for the event. I didn't know how well known he was. He sings one of my favorite songs although I never heard him sing it. You can find the lyrics here. It is called His Hands. Another musical guest was Cherie Call. She is another LDS musician. My friend Hayley and I took a picture with her showing off our bellies. Turns out she is expecting her baby the same month as me.

I enjoyed listening to her share what inspired her songs.
Today I got to hear from Mary Ellen Edmunds. She is HIL-Air-IOUS. I dis get to hear most of the stuff while I was at Education Week, but it was still a good repeat. It was about contention being from the devil. She would share several scenarios that would pretty much get you frustrated and want to loose your cool. For example going to a hotel room where the kids in the room before you are "training for the Olympics" and the parents turn the T.V. up so they can hear them selves think. She asks "What would you do?" she would them mumble a reply like send up the SWAT team or blow the room up etc. then she would say with a smile "not today, today you are a peacemaker! So you walk to the front desk and leave a note wishing the family good luck in their Olympic trials!" She is very sarcastic but her point is that we can choose to respond with contention or try to find a way to make it into something positive, to be a peacemaker.
The next person that spoke was Camille Fronk Olson. She was also very good. She had lots of interesting insight about Hannah. While I was sort of familiar with her part in the scriptures, I had no idea how much of a faithful woman she was. It made me proud to know that one of our daughters share her name.
It is always a fun event and I try to go when I can, but this time was a little too close to Education Week so I will remember that it is one or the other for me!

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Christina said...

So next time you come to Provo, you've got to visit me -- I'm glad you had a great time at Education Week.

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