Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Tag...sort-of

We all love to share our war stories of Labor...and delivery. I found this post on a friend's blog and thought I would do the same.

How Long were your labors?
#1-5 hours
#2-3 hours
#3-good question? 6 hours? I am not sure. Pushing totaled 15 minutes for both babies...they were five minutes apart.
#5-4 hours?

With the last one I am not sure the time frame you can do the math click here for the story. I think they count labor as beginning when you are dilated to a four?! Or active labor begins.

Where and how did you deliver?
#1-I was induced 10 days past my due date at Walnut Creek Kaiser. No Epidural/stitches/tearing. Yes to pitocin.
#2-I was 6 days late and went in for a Non-Stress-Test. She stripped my membranes (OUCH!!!!) then sent me to L&D sure enough I was in labor and had no idea. No Epidural Yes to Pitocin, 1 stitch. Walnut Creek Kaiser
#3/4-I was induced at 37 weeks 6 days. Pretty boring they made me get an epidural and that is why I can't tell you how long my labor was. They wouldn't break my water since the OR wasn't available for delivery. So it was a labor of convenience. I did deliver with two hours of my water breaking. Oh and I walked in to the hospital dilated to a 4 and not in labor, my body is a little broken that way! In summary Pitocin, Yes, Epidural: weird but yes, stitches:no, they practically fell out they were so small!
#5 -I could say ditto to #1 I delivered at Walnut Creek Kaiser (like all my babies) I was induced I think 8 days late. Pitocin: yes, Epidural: No, Stitches: No!

Birth Stats:
#1 8lbs 5oz (they said she would be about 7-7.5 pounds, don't believe them they lie!...well sometimes!) 20"
#2 8 lbs 14oz 20"
#3 6lbs 12oz #4 6lbs 1oz (yes almost 13 pounds of baby..which led to...my fifth baby) both were 19"
#5 10lbs 5 oz 22" long. She was what I referred to as out "Tank" I feared she would get the nickname "Big Bertha" (no offense to any Berthas out there) She has turned into quite the little petite girl.

I re-read my post about Lauren's birth and I was quoted as:

"I don't want to do this again, I know you think it is because I am in pain but I am serious!" ~ April

I guess you do say things in when you are labor that you can't be held accountable for at a later date. As I am doing this again and I am already fearing the Labor and Delivery even though my track record would lead me to believe it will be an experience some will be jealous of.

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