Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Care about Education?

I am not a very political person and don't often get involved. I have heard a lot about teachers and the dilemma they have been forced into. I love our neighborhood and I feel very lucky that our kids are able to attend an excellent school. It was said at Back to School Night that we need to write the district and tell them to pay our teacher's a more competitive salary with a reasonable benefits package. This parent also pointed out that he himself was a teacher that worked in our district and moved to a neighboring district where the pay and benefits were better. I know that there may be some that can afford to teach in our district because they love it here, they love to teach, and their expenses can allow that sacrifice of "more money". I fear most need to be a little more selective since they are the sole support or bring in the mojority of income for their families. It is sad that it sounds like it is all about money but it is a big part. I also know that extremely qualified and excellent teachers will look over our district for reasons other than money. Anyways this post is longer than I intended. There is a man Mr. Writer who keeps up to date on district news. We have an election coming up so he created a blog for the candidates that will be running for the two open board positions. It is an unbiased setting where all four candidates can be heard, unedited. Of course the two that he is supporting (although not mentioned on this site) have accepted the offer. The other two have been sent invitations to be involved, it is still new so they will hopefully join soon. I thought this was a good way to be informed who to vote for, Mr. Writer said all anwers should be written so all can understand unlike some of the formal statements we get to read in voter packets. So check out this blog and ask a question. These are the people who can help create a better district for our children.

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