Friday, September 19, 2008


Janelle Wrote:
September’s Topic: Names

Did have a nick name when you were young? Are you named after anyone? What significance do names have to you? Have you always wanted to have a different name? - These are just thought provoking questions that could tempt a story out of you. Please be as liberal as you like with the topic.
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Ahh the joys of April! I of course had some very uncreative nicknames. Ape, Ape-Face, Ape-O. Ohh and then there was eggroll and Nancy. Most do not have a thing to do with me really and I can say that big hairy apes was never one of them ; ).

I think eggroll is probably the only one real unique to me. It happened because some one said my name and I thought she said eggroll apparently I was congested and couldn't hear very well. Needless to say she called me that for some time.

Nancy came because of my dear husband. Whom I shall warn you to never play scattegories with or if you have a sense of pride Boggle...back to scattergories...We had rolled the letter and one of the questions was a term of endearment. So Jeremy wrote Nancy (along with Elephant Nostril for something Black!) We of course argued both answers and his reasoning was if your wife's name was Nancy and you loved her it would be a term of endearment when you called her by her name! So after that we have used that as a term of endearment between us. I may even have a letter where he signed it "love, Nancy" not real sure how I feel about that and how to explain that one to the kids?!

When I asked my mom where my name came from I think she said there was a girl in high school who had the name April and she liked it. I love names, I read that a name is something everyone treasures because it is your identity. When naming our kids we tried to pick names that couldn't be easily made fun of then we spelled Haylie's name like Hay Lie...I can just see a future dirty mind saying "Haylie, let's go lie in the hay!" some of the best thought out plans never work. Anyways, all of our children's middle names are important to us and remind us of a quality of a family member/s we would like them to have.

As far as wanting a different name, I would say yes, one because I am one of the April's who was born not in the month of April but October. I often got the question "were you born in April?" Why couldn't I lie and say yes? Of course I would answer no and share that I was born in October, guess what the very original response was? Why didn't they name you October? ha-ha! The jokes got a little tiring at times. Also my middle name is Dionne. In high school I just wanted to be like everyone else and have the middle name Anne or Marie. Now I like both names. I guess that was just the awkwardness of high school wanting to fit in and not be different.


Janelle said...

Hey Nancy that was a great post!

Christina said...

Our neighbor had a girl in April and named her Autumn. Perhaps you and she could switch names? OK, really she was born in March, but we could pretend it was April and it would work out great.

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