Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day

We had a fun day yesterday. We went to our Ward's Annual Labor Day Picnic. Unfortunately we didn't bring our camera so I will await photos from the family photographer.

I got to help with the primary games, which could have been more exciting if we had lots of kids. Our first game was eating donuts off a string game. I bought plenty of donuts...only in the process of getting to the park I ruined more than half. They got smooshed so it was more like donut quarters instead of circles. We got 12 kids to play. Then got the Bishop to challenge another man in the ward to a donut on the string. The were pretty impressive.

Then the kids started loosing interest. We got 6 to continue to play a cotton ball relay game. They had to put Vaseline on their nose and run to the other side and get on all fours and pick up a cotton ball using only their Vaselined nose, then run back. Once their whole team had white cotton balls on their nose that team one. The kids are pretty good sports.

Then we were down to 4 and did a four way tug of war. I am sure most of you are thinking two ropes tied together n the middle and pulling in 4 different directions. This one is done in a circle with four people in the middle all facing outwards. We put suckers in the ground and they had to pull to get their sucker first. It was fun two watch.

After lunch we had the quickest water balloon fight ever. It last 0:00:04.23. Just kidding but I guarantee it was less than 5 minutes that included the walk to clear the premises from innocent bystanders.

We came home and had a relaxing afternoon of watching a movie and eating popcorn, which surprisingly Jeremy even ate and I actually watched most of the movie with them. What a treat for the kids. Then dinner and Family Home Evening, which I linked to Jeremy's story earlier. Just a little addition I thought I would add a link to Gordon B. Hinckley's 6 Be's. We also talked about Jesus Be-attitudes. It is a fun reminder of how we need to behave and act/think towards others. Especially as Logan and Miranda get to start a new school year and meet lots of new people.


Janelle said...

Hey that ward party is fun. Was anyone playing trivial pursuit?

smith scratch said...

Dang, we totally wanted to go. Jack had a yucky cough and Dom's belly felt sick. We got them all ready, coaxed them into going and just when we were about to walk out the door and rough it, we found Dom asleep. :]
So glad you had fun, maybe next year!

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