Saturday, September 06, 2008

My girls

One of the songs sung by Cherie Call was called Beautiful. As she sang this song it reminded me of my girls. I want more than anything for people to see them as beautiful. Not in the sense of worldly beauty but in that the light of Christ shines through them. I loved this song and how it says "It's what you give that makes you beautiful. It's how you live that makes your dreams come true. Keep your faith in this world. And let the light of the Lord shine through, that's what makes you beautiful." That sums up my hopes for these girls.

I think that the pressure of beauty is more of a female issue. That is why I did this for my girls. Logan is an amazing kid while I hope he will also act in a way that will let the Lord's light shine through, it won't be beautiful it will make him so very attractive, handsome and responsible! Oh what a dream. The thing I like the best is that it is so very attainable. Our Heavenly Father loves these children and my job is to make sure they know it. So Logan, I love you too. I am lucky to have been blessed to be the mother to all of you!


Cory and Becca said...

your girls are adorable! I love your blog and I am now figuring out how to comment! :)

smith scratch said...

that was so sweet.
your girls are something to be proud of. your boy too.

Gie Bergmill said...

So cute, April!

Christina said...

Lovely slideshow and beautiful sentiment.

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