Sunday, June 08, 2008

Does your home say "I'm a Christian?"

I copied this tag from another blog (Janelle and April). In our book group we are reading 25 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and How to Avoid Them By Randal Wright. I love this book because it helps me to see a few mistakes I am on the road to making and I can correct or adjust my example/decisions/child-rearing to give my children the best foundation for their futures.

Ezra Taft Benson said-

“If someone accused you of being Christian would there be enough evidence in your home to convict you?” I don’t know who said that….. But, I do know who said this,

Enter their homes, and the pictures on the walls, the books on their shelves, the music in the air, their words and acts reveal them as Christians.”

My friend’s blog ( is doing a photo tag. Here are the criteria:

1.Please take a picture of the artwork in your home that would reveal you as a Christian and name it. What if we want that print too? We need the name of the artist?
The Lord is my Shephard by Simon Dewey
A Proclamation to the Family with the Oakland Temple right when you walk into our home.

2. Take a picture of your bookshelf.

3. What is playing or is ready to be played in your ipod/cd player?

Although I like music and really enjoy when it is on, I usually don't initiate it.

Jeremy must have been in a country mood, incase you can't read there is Garth Brooks In Pieces, Deanna Carter Did I Shave My Legs for This?, and My Turn on Earth Soundtrack

4. Do you have framed words in your house or words on your walls? Take a picture.

It is actually abumper sticker but Jer got it for me when he bought me some new maternity clothes last time. I love it because I know that is how he feels towards me...does that make sense?

5. Take a picture of your current project and describe it to us.

I am not really working on a long term project unless you count a bun in the oven. I am currently working on my craft item for our Stamp Club Shoe Box event. Each person creates an item, most likely a card, I always steer away from the cards these ladies are pretty talented so I don't want to compare. This year I am making a stamped frame. There it is!

6. Any further evidence you want to share - please do! What would a visitor ask you about if they entered your home?

I can't say anyone has ever asked me about anything in my home, but Jeremy had a neat, indirect experience. A co-worker was talking to a member of their credit union and Jeremy's family came up. His co-worker mentioned that he had 5 kids and one on the way. The man asked "Is he a religious man?" Although she didn't say it she wanted to respond "He has pictures of Jesus on his wall, they're close!"

I sometimes feel we have too many pictures but I am hoping our children will always have that reminder if they make a bad choice that when they walk into our living room, dining room, or even down the hall to their bedrooms, they will see a picture of Jesus. In one of the kids bedroom too.


Janelle said...

Wow April, it looks like you are an envrionmentalist too! Oh and how was L. Tom Perry today, I heard he spoke at your stake conference today.

Tammy said...

I may copy that picture frame project, that is really cute.

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