Monday, June 30, 2008

Wednesday trips

We are trying to go on cheap field trips on Wednesdays this summer so last week we heard about this place The Junior Center for Arts and Science. So we headed out to Lake Merrit in Oakland. A friend and I met a friend who recently moved there for lunch at the nearby park. That was cool to hang out. The kids loved the geese, especially Logan.

You may need to watch again but here is what I wanted to point out notice how the geese are waddling and then start running then Logan runs by, he loved chasing the geese. At one point he ran pretty far but turned around, before I got the camera rolling.

Ther was lots of hand holding! I think Lauren made the first move but her buddy was no fool and took her up on the offer.

I have a picture of these three boys last summer jumping off the side of the pool. It is cool to get this trio as they grow!

The art and science center was more geared towards after school programs and summer camp so it wasn't really fun for us. We then walked to the Horticulture center and looked at all the flowers, gardens and smelled interesting scents in the scent garden. It was fun to be out and about with good friends, so it wasn't the most fun field trip, but now we have others to compare it to right?

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