Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kids say...

the darndest things.

I was making cookies for Father's day for Jeremy, which was his dessert of choice. I have been a little lousy in the baking department as of late. So I was scooping up the dough and had the perfect amount of cookie dough all in their mostly perfect balls and Jeremy stole a ball of dough...he already took a scoop from the bowl. I kind of got mad since now my rows of cookie dough would be uneven. Does it really matter? No! It was for him and if he likes the dough then my job was well done.

So a little bit later Hannah comes into me with her hands on her hips brow furrowed and says "My Datty so wuuuude, he eat tootie dough!" A little confused at the second part I clarified "Daddy is rude because he ate your cookie dough." Her response "No betause he ate him tootie dough!" Ahhh, he is rude because he ate his own cookie dough. Yes that was it. It was very cute, I have been trying to teach her about being rude, like when she puts her hand over my mouth when I am "instructing" her, so I thought it was comical that she took my "teaching" and used it as a new word in her vocabulary. I love being a mom and all the surprises that come. And kids do say the darndest things!

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