Thursday, June 19, 2008

More swimming stories...

Yesterday we went to this reservoir called Contra Loma. It used to be a beach with a floating dock that the big kids got to swim out to and jump off. Last time I went in high school it wasn't the cleanest place. Much to my happiness they created a pool that has a sandy beach for the kids to play in and it is very clean...except for one thing. I was standing around talking with a couple friends very carefully watching the kids of course, Logan swimming back and forth through my legs. Hannah close by wanting to be held. Haylie yelling at her friend Jared to "Come here! Follow ME!" like all appropriately boosy girls do, and Lauren sucking her very valuable little thumb floating in a tube. Then there is Miranda...she holds up what I thought was a black string or shoelace, you know like something you would use to hold up a swimsuit. This is what I get for choosing sun glasses over my seeing glasses. As I looked close I realized it looked like a braid. Interesting I thought. Then I stepped closer to notice the braid was coming undone. This innocent shoelace was someones hair extension, and my daughter's new found and quickly tossed away treasure. I am sure it is not gross but it seemed weird holding someones hair. Needless to say she tossed it away and we let it be someone else's treasure, who knows maybe the owner was able to reconnect with the lovely lock.

Oh and just to let you know I put all the kids happenings in one time period. While all these things did happen it just wasn't all at the same time or at lease not all at THIS same time. I just needed to clarify incase my friends called me a liar! It just made for a better story.

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