Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father and Son(s)

Our ward has an annual trip labeled the father and Sons Overnighter. They had been going to a place called Dillon's Beach where they slept in a cow pasture, that's right a COW PASTURE! A few father's had nice child size foot prints on their pillow with cow manure as the medium! This year they switched it up a little and went to Lake Chabot. I think it was a major step up, although Jeremy missed the huge sand dunes and the tide pools of yester-year. Here are a couple of my favorite shots of their adventure:
This was taken at Digger's Diner their first stop! That night they had a campfire where they roasted marshmallows and celebrated the Restoration of the Priesthood
Logan just waking up after a short night's sleep. Jeremy made them both comfortable beds only to wake up to Logan not sleeping on his padding. Jeremy eventually commandeered the second mat that was not in use!
I love this picture taken early the next morning. What a cute duo! They took a walk around the lake. There are lots more pictures. The lighting was great and it looked really peaceful.
There is a story behind this picture...One of the things about Logan is that he is hugely drawn to video games. One of his favorite things is leaning uncomfortably close to Uncle Chris and watching him play his PSP. He can sit there for HOURS! Well another young man brought his PSP, so as soon as it came out Logan checked out got into his uncomfortably close position and forgot he was there to spend one-on-one time with his Dad without his truck load of sisters. So Jeremy said he needed to stop watching the video game, not only was it probably uncomfortable for the one playing but he was there with Dad who made the effort for them to be together. Logan didn't care for it too much so he went and pouted. I call this his own sacred grove experience. While not nearly as spiritual as Joseph Smith's experience it still is a beautiful picture and I am sure Logan learned a valuable lesson.

They had a really good time and both appreciated the male bonding. Logan and Jeremy are constantly surrounded by women folk. As if 5 in a household wasn't enough, Jeremy works with 25 people of which 23 are female! Although it was short trip us women folk missed our extremely handsome men!

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