Thursday, June 19, 2008


With this pregnancy from the beginning we were hoping for a boy. Of course we will be happy with who ever we meet in the delivery room. One of the things that worked for my friends is the Chinese Gender predictor charts. I think it mostly world for my kids but when we were planning this we found a chart that said it would be a boy in our time frame. Well upon further investigation the chart specified a 50/50 chance. THANKS! So in a moment of impatience and weakness I decided to look again today.
Picture 1:

Yes it says Female. Can you believe it? I didn't know how I was going to break the news that Jackson was going to Jackdaughter. So being ever so not satisfied with that I continued my search. And low and behold I came across this...

Picture 2:

I guess even the ancient Chinese were all about pleasing women especially when they are hormonally unbalanced. Lastly I would like to show you one last find and I am calling this one accurate:

Picture 3:

This one is may favorite because is asks for your exact birthday, which I didn't want you all to know to I hid it but it is really there. So I am thinking this is the most accurate. So looks like the ancient Chinese vote for Jackson!


Staci said...

I guess you'll have to hope the chinese are right! When do you find out again??

Janelle said...

The chinese gender chart was correct for all three of my girls. Not that I believe these things, it was just funny how it worked out. I'm sure Alex will be studying it much closer next time...

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