Thursday, March 29, 2007

Doctor's Report

Well I went to the doctors today. Expecting the depressing weigh-in, the exciting pee in a cup and the typical heartbeat and send me on my way. I passed the first two grueling tasks. I enjoyed hearing the little precious heartbeat that belongs to the baby who treats my tummy like a playground. The N.P. proceeds to feel where the baby is and much to my dismay she says I'm trying to feel where the baby is, it is definitely not in your pelvic area. So to answer many questions, no the baby has not dropped yet! Bummer! She continued to feel and and decided this baby is laying sideways. She then started saying horrible things like scheduling a c-section...Anyways, I have an appointment in two weeks and if the baby has not gone bottom up, they will try a version (not sure how to spell that or say it but flip the baby to a head down position). If the baby is typical of it's blood line and is stubborn, it maybe to the OR for me. I am still early and the twins were flipping surprisingly late in the pregnancy and as the N.P. stated because it is my 4th pregnancy I am "less toned" the baby can flip easier. So today I almost cried when she gave me the choice to flip the baby or schedule a c-section, but what ever it is I am sure I can handle it. Besides I have a great husband to pamper me if I can't go shopping the day we come home from the hospital!

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