Friday, March 16, 2007

You have an assignment...

OK we have 8 weeks to come up with a boy name and girl name and I would love any opinions. So I have two polls a boy poll and girl poll. Please vote! If you have a comment please leave one by clicking the link below. Of course this is for fun and we may not pick the popular answer but it is nice to know what people think!

If it's a girl the name shall be...
Rebekah Claire
Olivia April
Reyna Kimberly
Lacey Esther free polls

And the boy name shall be...
Nathan Jeremy
Noah Jackson
Gideon Christopher
Jackson Benjamin free polls


Anonymous said...

Jackson William
Jackson Richard
Jackson Dylan
Jackson Drew
Jackson Dean
Jackson Lloyd


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment on your boy name picks...I chose Jackson Benjamin due to the fact that my husband's name is in there, and also I like Jackson, but I do really like Nathan Jeremy alot!!!! Love ya, Dani

Anonymous said...

From CDFCU they can't vote from work so here are their votes:
Dey - Rebekah and Nathan
Jenn - Rebekah & Nathan
Nicky - Olivia & Gideon
Summer - Rebekah & Nathan
Pat - Lacey & Nathan
Jess - Reyna & Nathan

Anonymous said...

Carl and I voted for naming the girl Olivia. Carl would like Beni to be able to call her second-cousin "Cousin Ollie" just like Jeremy called him.

Thanks for letting us vote! Hope all is well!


Rebecca said...

I voted for Rebekah (for obvious reasons!) But I also like Olivia. :) Good luck with your decision!

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